Department Representatives Spring 2021 Candidates

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

List two goals you have in mind for the top committees of your choice

- My major goal would be to spread "Awareness" regarding already existing career facilities in the campus. I feel there are so many career services, communications, and policies already going around in the college, and at times, students tend to miss out on a few opportunities, or never come to know about them. I wish to collaborate with career services teams of various departments, and focus on publicizing events through social media platforms, such as career fairs, to create awareness among students.

- Organising more workshops and creating networking opportunities through coffee hours to build peer relationships as well as strong alumni student relations. One of the ideas I currently have in mind is forming Alumni Buddies for students based upon their career interests. They can meet bi weekly in order to discuss current career directions and goals, and students can gain real time guidance on the type of work and industry. The buddies may also be rotated monthly to attain broader view of multiple industries and roles.

I currently serve as the Corporate Chair of Graduate Society of Women Engineers, and have been a prior core member of the Career Development Cell during my undergraduate. I look forward to contributing my skills to the committee.


List two goals you have in mind for the top committees of your choice

We all understand that remote classes have created a significant barrier for students to connect to their peers. We are not on campus, we are not in classes, we are not in student lounges where we would typically be meeting fellow students. I would like to establish a three-pronged approach to ensure that students have plenty of opportunities to create meaningful connections to others:

1) CREATING CONNECTIONS WITHIN YOUR PROGRAM: I would like to work with course instructors to use the Engineering Graduate Student Council to organize a monthly social hour for each of the Core courses in the IEOR department. I believe that this would give first year students an opportunity to meet colleagues that are taking similar classes, establish study groups and support each other throughout the semester.

2) CREATING CONNECTIONS WITHIN THE ENGINEERING SCHOOL: I hear from many first year students that they are struggling to connect with second year students, who can often be a great source of advice and mentoring when it comes to academic course selections or career preparation. I would like to work with the Academic Affairs team to establish a formal Peer Advising program, that will recruit a group of second year students to volunteer as the go-to source of knowledge and advice for a certain program or topic. This will create a formal process for any student who has questions or would like to get recommendations from a peer.

3) CREATING CONNECTIONS WITH OTHER SCHOOLS: Many IEOR students are in joint programs with the Columbia Business School and taking classes with other CBS students. Yet, the opportunities to connect and meet students from CBS outside of class are sparse. I would like to collaborate with the Student Government at Columbia Business School to create joint school social events that will create an opportunity for students to connect across both programs.


List two goals you have in mind for the top committees of your choice

I have the following goals for the committees of my choice:

Alumni & Career Affairs: 1. Allow current students to build meaningful relationships with alumni so that they can learn more about life at Columbia, life after Columbia, and prospective career choices. This can be done through a mentor network of alumni willing to contribute their time to our students. 2. Conduct workshops in partnership with employers to allow students to get hands-on experience within a career they might hope to pursue in the future.

Academic Affairs: 1. Create better awareness of the courses available to students and their relevance to different industries. This can be done through endorsement by alumni to certain courses (that can be made available on Vergil) that particularly helped them gain their employment opportunity or might have helped them in their jobs' day-to-day 2. Include relevant industry projects in core courses so that students can develop an understanding of the application of the subjects that they are studying.

Communications: 1. Facilitate better communication between EGSC and the students through weekly emails sent to the student body with a brief on events, etc. 2. Facilitate better communication between the University and EGSC via regular townhalls