A. The Academic Affairs Committee

i. Chaired by the Vice President.
ii. Maintain connections with the Administration.
iii. Raise student concerns to the proper authorities.
iv. Invite the Dean of the School and the Dean of Student Affairs to Council meetings at least once a year.
v. Prepare and conduct the annual Student survey.
vi. Prepare a report on the Student survey results to be made public at the annual Town Hall meeting.
vii. Organize and moderate the annual Town Hall meeting.
viii. Jurisdiction: All matters pertaining to educational issues and student interaction with faculty and administrators.

B. The Budget Committee

i. Chaired by the Treasurer.
ii. Review budget proposals of recognized Student organizations and Council committees to be submitted to the Council.
iii. Allocate and distribute funds to recognized Student organizations and audit their spending.
iv. Document all financial transactions of the Council.
v. Maintain relations with and keep activity records of recognized Student organizations.
vi. Review recognition and co-sponsorship applications of Student organizations to be submitted to the Council.

C. The Social Events Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for coordinating and organizing all student social events both on-campus and off-campus to foster relationships and growth for the graduate students of Columbia University. If you would like to plan, organize, and volunteer at these fun events, this is an amazing committee! Some of our popular events are the Mid-semester Social, Carleton Commons Social, and the Boat Cruise, with other smaller events throughout the semester!

D. The Career & Alumni Affairs Committee

The Career and Alumni Affairs Committee is responsible for helping graduate students in the aspect of building their careers. We also try to bridge the gap between the students and the alumni, by conducting career events like Coffee chats, Panel Discussions, Seminars, etc. We work closely with the PDL team and the student alumni committees CEYA and CEAA. So, if you are keen to networking and want to be a part of a fun team that has a lot of opportunities for connecting with people in the industry, come join us as a Department Representative. Let's help others in building their career.

E. The Interschool Committee

The Interschool committee is responsible for hosting events between the different schools at Columbia University as outlined below:

  1. Assist in the ideation of interschool events and potential collaborations
  2. Organize interschool events with other student bodies such as the Business School and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  3. Plan and volunteer at International Coffeehouse events
  4. Communicate with other student governing bodies at Columbia University
  5. Build connections with university affiliated student bodies
  6. Promote interschool cooperation and foster multidisciplinary conversations

Past events include Social Hour with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Latin Dance night with the Teacher’s College, as well as Find Your Founder event with the Business School

F. Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for the outreach of all things EGSC. We run the weekly newsletter that informs students about events across campus and helps them engage with the student population. Our work is largely focused on creating and sharing information. We are also responsible for the social media platforms EGSC operates on and regularly interact with other student groups to promote their visibility. Whether you are techy or creative, we have a place for you. 

G. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

i. Chaired by the DEI Chair.
ii. Support affinity groups and their members by helping these groups succeed in their respective missions. 
iii. Communicate regularly with the Dean of DEI and other DEI focused offices at Columbia and SEAS. 
iv. Build a sense of community and foster communication for all students in graduate SEAS, regardless of background. 
v. Advocate for students to attend Under Represented Minority (URM) in STEM focused conferences.

vi. Organize events for URM students to socialize and create a sense of belonging within the greater SEAS community.

vii. Host town halls over the course of the semester to provide feedback and open discourse between students and faculty.