SEAS PhD Research Symposium


Thank you to all the posters, attendees, volunteers, co-sponsors and Columbia Engineering staff for making the event A GREAT SUCCESS. Find pictures from the event on our FB page.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE BEST POSTER: Claudia Cea, Enhancement mode ion-based transistor – comprehensive interface for in vivo electrophysiology

Engineering Graduate Student Council and Office of Graduate Student Affairs are proud to present the SEAS PhD Research Symposium on September 20th at Carleton Commons between 2:30 - 4:30 PM. This event is co-hosted by Dean Mary C. Boyce.

The Symposium is a venue for Ph.D. Engineering Students to present posters of their research
around the broad topic of Engineering for Humanity: Sustainability. This is an amazing opportunity for student researchers to showcase their research to the wider SEAS community and for students interested in Engineering for Sustainable Humanity to witness the combined effort of all SEAS departments in a single location. The event aims to promote a sense of community among SEAS Ph.D. students, as well as encourage research integration and potential collaborations across departments.

Faculty and Chairs across Columbia Engineering, as well as Dean Mary C. Boyce will be browsing the posters and interacting with the PhD students! The event is photographed and partly videographed. Food and beverages (including 1 drink) are served.
Prizes for People’s Choice Best Poster are also up for grabs!

Graduate Electrical Engineering at Columbia (GEEC), Graduate Organization of Biomedical Engineers (GoBME), Columbia Engineering Energy Club (CEEC) and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (MEGA)

Sai Mali Ananth (IEOR), Mark Barbet (MECE), Yash Amonkar (EAEE), Naveed Tavakol (BME), Brittany Marshall (BME), Teo Dinescu (BME), Ludwig Zhao (ELEN).

Please email EGSC President Sai Mali Ananth.


All students are invited to attend the Symposium on Friday September 20th 2019 between 2:30-4:30 PM at Carleton Commons to witness the combined effort of the SEAS community towards Sustainable Humanity in a single location. Catered food and beverage (including one drink will be served), enjoy the variety of research in SEAS, interact with the presenters, faculty and Dean Mary Boyce and find possible future collaborations!

EGSC Carleton Social: Following this event, EGSC is hosting the first Fall Carleton Social between 6:30-9:30 PM at Carleton Commons. All SEAS graduate students are welcome to attend, food, music and two drinks are served! 

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The Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC) is the student governing body of the graduate students of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University.