Quality of Life Survey 2022

Each year, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) administers the Quality of Life (QoL) Survey alongside the Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC) and Engineering Student Affairs (ESA). The intent of this survey is to gather a widely representative picture of the student opinion right now in SEAS.

Why, you might ask, is knowing the student opinion so vital to our role as EGSC? The concrete set of data that we gather with the survey is the strongest evidence that we can bring to the SEAS Administration to advocate for meaningful and lasting change for our student body. Below you will find a sample of initiatives, projects, and improvements that have been a direct result of the student voice that was shared in past QoL Surveys.

  • Professional Development and Leadership (PDL) for MS and PhD students
  • Later entrance and exit times at the 120th street Mudd doors.
  • Renovation of Carleton Commons
  • Career Placement Officers (CPOs) in every department.
  • Gender neutral bathrooms
  • Counselling and Psychological Services Mudd walk-in hours
  • Baby changing stations at restrooms
  • Increased number of social events on and off campus

... and many more examples.

On April 29th 2022, we organized the 11th Annual SEAS Graduate Student Town Hall Meeting. At the townhall, EGSC's Vice President Alex Parizeau presented the results of the survey and moderated a discussion with our panelists, which included Mary C. Boyce (Dean of Engineering), Soulaymane Kachani (Senior Vice Dean), Tiffany Simon (Associate Dean) and Jagannath Shiva Letchumanan (EGSC President). The town hall was open to all graduate engineering students, who asked questions to the panelists and to other stakeholders across CU who provide services (Health, Facilities, Library, ISSO, Finance, Housing, PDL etc.). 

The survey was completely anonymous, we only collected the list of survey takers to distribute the gifts. We worked with data analysts outside of SEAS to interpret the results for the townhall and future advocacy.

Find the results of 2022 Quality of Life Survey that was presented in the Town Hall.

- Your EGSC Executive Board.


The Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC) is the student governing body of the graduate students of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University.